Club Training Schedule

  • Tuesday: Under 9s 6pm until 7pm. First Team & Reserves 7pm until 8.30pm
  • Wednesday: Under 16s 6.30pm until 8pm
  • Thursday: Under 18s 6.30pm until 8pm
  • Sunday: Under 8s 10am until 11am
Perranporth Football Club Lottery
Sun 29th Nov 2020 Draw:
1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9
Winners: None
Consolation for 5 numbers (£10): B.B. Wigan
Next Week’s Jackpot (Sun 6th Dec 2020): £830
Numbers: 1 to 12
£1 per ticket or £5 for 6 tickets
Each week the jackpot isn’t won. it will rise according to ticket sales and remains at 6 numbers 1 to 12. When the jackpot goes, we start again with a jackpot of £500, 6 numbers 1 to 20, then each week the jackpot isn’t won it is 1 to 19, 1 to 18, 1 to 17, etc. Also, any ticket with 5 correct numbers goes into a draw and they win £10. Tickets need to be purchase and numbers chosen throughout the week before the draw on the Sunday. Anyone interested in purchasing a ticket can message Martin Bradshaw through Facebook. He will be able to fill in the ticket for you and sort payment online, without the need for physical contact.



Perranporth AFC

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